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What is the procedure? Missouri permits just about everyone To Get A Medical Marijuana Card

Dec 4


You may become qualified for Missouri's medical marijuana program with only a few minutes of time and about $100. To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, the clinic close to St. Louis even offered a "Pot of Gold Legalization" discount. You don't want to get out of your house? You can make an appointment on the internet. There are no medical records needed.


The brand new Missouri program is currently under close examination, not just by lawmakers. Physicians are concerned about gaps in the system, like telemedicine, as well as the lack of control in the certification of patients for marijuana use.


"If this is how we'll prescreen individuals to enable them to obtain their ID card, then we should simply skip formalities and go straight to recreation and let everyone be able to get it." Dr. George Edwards, who has been able to certify patients from Independence.


In the 33 states which have legalized medical marijuana, There are a variety of ways to ensure supervision. While the director of the method to get a medical MJ card in the Missouri program has said that he started hearing from doctors about everything in the autumn, the state did not write rules allowing the agency to conduct an investigation into doctors and halt their ability to certify until February.


"That opens the door to make a fool of yourself."


More than 41,000 Missourians possess a medical marijuana card. Amendment 2, that legalized medical marijuana laid out the requirements and left the certification process to the Section for Medical Marijuana Regulation.


The patient requires a doctor with a current Missouri license sign a certificate form in order to get a fast medical card online. The form requires doctors to declare the qualifying condition such as epilepsy, cancer, and PTSD and "any other debilitating, chronic or medical condition" which they are required to mention.


In accordance with state certification forms, physicians must also look into the medical history of the patient as well as documents.


Roark Family Health as well as the Medical Spa is operated and owned by Dr. Lisa Roark in Cassville in the southwest corner of the state. She only requests an individual's medical history as she has observed that looking over paperwork can mean sifting through "thousands of pages" of data. Patients had a hard time receiving these documents at times.


She says she doesn't have to view the papers for patients who are minor.


"If a parent requests to review their medical information, I'm more than happy to take it up, but they do not need to prove their request," Roark added. "All I have to do is to obtain the complete medical history."


According to Roark the definition of a "thorough medical history" is when patients are asked about medication they're taking, which medication they're allergic to the surgeries they've undergone, the medical conditions they've been diagnosed with (and for how long) What medications they've used in the past and the symptoms they're experiencing right now.

Roark states she doesn't care about whether the method she uses to certify patients allows for recreational usage.


Roark said "I don't believe there is such a thing as recreational use." Roark said, "I think that everybody who uses cannabis for medical reasons does so because they have to." It could be that they are anxious and want to relax or need assistance sleeping.


Jon Patterson, Lee's Summit Republican state representative, stated that should this become a medical marijuana plan, it should be done in a way that is consistent with how medicine is practiced. "Observing the patient's medical history, physical exam, and documentation in addition to executing things in a correct manner." Instead of speaking to someone over the phone, take a survey and email the certificate after having paid the price.


Telemedicine The Future of Telemedicine


According to the website of state, Telemedicine can be utilized for as long as it does not require in-person interaction. This is among the most commonly reported complaints by doctors.


After consulting with the Missouri Board of Registration for the Healing Arts, which oversees the medical licenses of physicians, the state ruled that telemedicine was acceptable. "Our claim is that if it was adequate or suitable for an evaluation in other areas and other areas, then it would be adequate or sufficient to conduct an exam using medical marijuana," Fraker says.


In accordance with the certification from the doctor must have "met and examined the qualified patients." The state keeps no records of whether the certificate was obtained in person or by telemedicine.

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